Online Slot Machines

Wearing your favourite sweater or playing games on a Friday the 13th will clearly not be the key to success and will not bring you the prize pool of the machine you’ve been coveting for weeks…

winning the slot machine

We’re sorry to tell you this, but superstition and the odds of winning a lot of money in games are two completely independent concepts.

On the other hand, superstition can influence your own behaviour, so indirectly, having rituals can help or hinder a potential win. Here’s a slot secret you didn’t expect, right?

For example, if you arrive at the casino without your lucky coins, you will feel uncomfortable, and if you decide to stay, the losses (which will not change from the usual) will be perceived as more and larger, and therefore some people bet emotionally.

As a result, when you return home, you’re in for a cold shower, and you blame this bad luck on the lucky charm that stayed warm, whereas this failure is explained by psychology.

play slots perfectly

Remember, however, it is more than essential to learn how to play slots perfectly before relying on chance and superstition.

After a short introduction, it is now time to get to the heart of the matter…

About Slot Machine Games

Online slots games have many features. First of all, regarding their appearance, they are characterized by:

Reels: Reels are vertical pieces of the slot machine with “symbols” on them. The number of reels is usually between 3 and 5.

Rows: Rows (usually 3 in number) are the number of symbols that appear on the slot machine screen on a reel. 

Lines slot machines

Lines: The lines represent the different betting possibilities. Some slots may have more than 100 paylines.

Note that some machines do not have the classic number of reels and rows, such as the Bruce Lee slot. But these slot machines are rare. 

The Best Bonuses for Playing Online Slots

When you are looking for an online content area, it may be interesting for you to take an interest in the game bonuses on offer. These bonuses make it possible to start an online casino game with additional financial support. The most common bonuses are listed as follows:

  • The Welcome Bonus: get financial support to start. A first deposit and registration will be required for this offer. You can choose online casino slots with an easier start.
  • The Deposit Bonus: Make regular deposits, and you’ll receive a number of deposit bonuses for easier winnings. Check out the promotional offers for an overview of these.
  • The No Deposit Bonus: No requirements for this bonus other than registration with a gaming platform. You will, however, receive only one bonus of up to C$10.

Slot Machine History

The first slot machine – the Card Bell – was invented in San Francisco by Charles August Fey in 1898. This mechanic had been passionate about the then very popular automatic caster machines since he was a teenager and had already built his own model in 1894.

Slot Machine History

In 1899, he improved the Card Bell to create the Liberty Bell, which was an extraordinary success.

This slot machine, known as the “mechanical reel“, had 3 reels, around which were 5 symbols: tile, heart, spade, horseshoe and the famous Liberty Bell (video). The maximum payout was obtained by aligning the 3 bells in a row.

This model’s success is essentially due to its combinatorial design; it allowed to obtain a thousand different combinations, against only a hundred for its predecessor, the automatic roulette, which it definitively supplanted. 

The Liberty Bell also innovated by introducing automatic payment.

Faced with the success of Fey’s machines, who made the mistake of refusing to commercialize his patent, the competition was organized around Mills and then Caille, who launched machines very similar to the Liberty Bell, copying Fey’s models that had been stolen.

ban on slot machines

In the 1920s, prohibition forbade gambling; however, Mills had the ingenious idea of converting its machines into candy dispensers. From this period remain the fruit designs (cherry, banana, strawberry, watermelon, orange, plum…) that can still be seen on today’s machines.

This type of mechanical slot machine will function until the launch of Bally’s electromechanical machines in 1963. Fey’s mechanism will remain virtually unchanged until then.

By the 1980s, electronic slot machines appeared of various types: video slots, classic reel machines, video pokers and multi-games.

These machines have an identical operation. Each one has a combined cycle, which lists all possible combinations. Each time a game is played, a combination is randomly displayed. This combination will no longer be displayed during the cycle, which ends when all the combinations have been displayed. The duration of a cycle can reach more than 16 million moves played for some 5- or 6-reel machines, and the machines can be replaced before the end of their cycle.

Free Slots With No Downloads

When you are an online casino player, you have the opportunity to enjoy free slots without downloading. Unlike the real mode, a no deposit machine allows you to evaluate your chances of winning and test the game in advance.

Free slots

Indeed, you will be able to evaluate the paylines, all the wild symbols, but also the minimum bet to be inserted to win euros. These no payline games are also interesting for making your choice of a slot machine.

Generally, the best games and the most classic slots are available for free at all casinos operating. If you choose your operator carefully, he will certainly even give you access to the latest releases in terms of so-called games of chance, in a completely free version without you having to pay!

The Differences Between an Online and Land-based Slot machine

Classic format slots are generally different from online slots. Although they are relatively similar in terms of playability, there are external parameters that challenge these similarities.

Typically, online slots offer these types of advantages:

  • A higher payout rate: The payout rates of traditional casinos are around 93%, while those of online machines easily reach 98%.
  • Gaming bonuses: Your games played in land-based casinos do not usually qualify for bonuses. Online casinos like All Slots, on the other hand, are free of these restrictions and offer many gambling bonuses designed for players.
  • More elaborate designs: When you play in land-based machines, the designs are decorated with flashy colours and attack your retina at first glance. Online machines offer a softer design and take you more into a clean universe.